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EMV+ | SAROS™ 4000
Medical oxygen is essential for oxygenation and ventilation therapy, but its availability is limited, especially in remote combat areas.

Together with the ZOLL 731 Series EMV+® portable ventilator, the CAIRE® SAROS 4000 portable oxygen concentrator supports the clinical treatment of deployed military forces and helps to improve operational efficiency.1,2

The unique combination of these two field-proven devices can also help to solve related problems commonly encountered in combat environments:

  • Depleting oxygen supplies during therapy
  • Size and weight challenges of traditional oxygen tanks
  • Logistical supply and resupply complications
  • Bottle exchange and potential personnel endangerment

In a comparative test with other leading portable ventilators, the combination of the EMV+ and the SAROS oxygen concentrator achieved the highest FiO2 concentration among all tested devices.3

Learn more about how the EMV+ and SAROS 4000 portable oxygen concentrator can be an integral part of your emergency plan. Please fill in the form to receive information on the EMV+ and SAROS 4000.

*SAROS 4000 is not available for sales within the United States. 

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Learn how the EMV+ and SAROS 4000 can improve ventilation and oxygenation delivery in austere environments.